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What is a Creation Midwife?

The Patriarchy would have us believe that we must suffer in order to succeed, that we must work ourselves to the bone in order to do good work, and many artists believe they must be poor in order to be legitimate. 

The Feminine Creative principle teaches us the opposite- creation is best done in abundance, its meant to bring us to a state of ecstacy, with an erotic connection to spirit that moves inspiration through us to create in blissful action.

The original meaning of 'genius' was in reference to a divine attendant spirit that each soul is assigned, and an artist's merit was on how well they could communicate & work with the ideas of this genius spirit and bring it into manifestation. These 'genius' spirits were attracted to those who were like themselves- vibing high at the frequency of the highest love- ecstasy & bliss. 

Working with Dayle a your Creation Midwife is a reclamation of the feminine ways of working with genius - connecting to and learning the language of genius (emotion), working with divine instruction through intuition and dream interpretation, communication with your ancestors, tilling & fertilizing the soil of your life for the seeds of soul alignment to flourish and bring in your highest expression of life!

Dayle McLeod is an Afro-Indigenous/Celtic Shamanic artist, author, filmmaker, singer/songwriter, Creation Midwife & Death Doula who has been working with the divine feminine creative principles throughout her entire career and is mentoring other artists in hopes of ushering in powerful work with huge impact and healing. 

If you are an artist with a project, whether its a film, a performance, an album or a book and are ready to expand into the realm of genius, then book a disovery call with Dayle today!

Coaching is an incredible investment in yourself that kickstarts creativity through the act of committment. You have only this one life in your particular incarnation and you were made to reach your full potential. Dont waste your genius! Book a call today. 

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Meet your Coach, Dayle McLeod

Dayle McLeod is a shamanic artist (Actress, Musician and Author), Death Dula, & Creation Midwife.
Born in rural Alliston, Ontario, Dayle was the only coloured, queer person in her community and survived her childhood by connecting with the arts, singing in church and performing in community theatre. 
Now she is an award nominated actress that can be seen on Amazon’s ‘The Expanse’, the CW’s ‘Burden of Truth’ & ‘The L.A Complex, and D.W Waterson’s ‘That’s My DJ’ to name a few.
She is a talented songwriter/singer with a story-telling Folk Album called ‘In Bloom’ whose music has been featured in multiple films and tv shows such as CBC’s ‘Kim’s Convenience’ & Mary Harron’s ‘Charlie Says’. 
 Dayle is the author of  'The Big Dream; My Terrifyingly Beautiful Shamanic Initiation into the Arts' a memoir chronicling what  it was like to be called to Shamanism.   
Dayle is the founder of ‘The Big Dream Project’, nurturing and connecting emerging  BIPOC talent with established artists in the film industry. 

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